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Technology articles from code to teams to organisational transformation by Luke Morton.

  • Defining your ways of working

    28th May 2020

    On defining your ways of working: turning ideas into value, deciding how to work together, nurturing a feedback culture and adapting your process to meet changing needs.

  • Every team helps to develop software

    10th May 2020

    On how truly digital organisations include every team in their software development process. Technology is no longer just an IT affair.

  • What is a software development team?

    6th May 2020

    On software development teams: how to form one, what good looks like and how to set them up for success.

  • Digital social distancing

    2nd April 2020

    On the irony that social distancing has brought us all together more frequently. I think I'm going to need to create some digital social distancing for myself too.

  • Moving slow

    22nd March 2020

    On slowing the pace of life – we all face it whether you like the idea or not. I've been facing up to this reality and have found the time and space to share my thoughts here.

  • An introduction to trunk-based development

    31st December 2019

    Introducing trunk-based development and it's relationship to the widely used practice continuous integration. If you do continuous integration, you should be doing trunk-based development.

  • Ways of approaching Clean Architecture

    20th December 2019

    In which I ask questions about the ways that a team might approach Clean Architecture in a way you can still benefit from the productivity of a framework.

  • Why take a Clean Architecture approach to Rails?

    18th December 2019

    On the reasoning why and how you might use a Clean Architecture approach in Rails applications. Warning: it's nuanced and full of compromise.

  • Nuances in Clean Architecture

    14th December 2019

    In which I try to untangle the differences in Clean Architecture implementations.

  • Importance of information in agile delivery

    23rd September 2019

    On the importance of information management in agile delivery teams. Agile artefacts such as roadmaps, backlogs and boards are all too often ephemeral making it harder to get a full view of the digital products you are building and managing over time.

  • Decoupling the delivery mechanism

    11th August 2018

    On the trouble you can encounter when trying to separate your domain logic from a framework like Rails.

  • Lightweight docker images for Go

    17th January 2017

    On building lightweight Docker images for Go applications.

  • Deploying a Go app on Now

    15th January 2017

    A walkthrough on how to use Docker to deploy a Go app on Zeit's Now realtime global deployment platform.

  • Business logic in Rails

    24th September 2016

    On structuring Rails apps for growth. Often a tricky area this article will walk you through a refactor and hopefully you'll walk away with a few more ideas for structuring your business logic.

  • Do the thing that hurts the most

    12th January 2016

    A story of fight over flight. Or how doing the things you're uncomfortable with can help you in the long run.

  • Feature testing in 2016

    9th January 2016

    In which I outline a strategy for Feature testing with rspec and capybara.

  • Getting better mileage out of Active Record

    12th September 2015

    In which I provide a few links to help scale the M in MVC, the ActiveRecord in rails.

  • Hiatus Over

    19th July 2015

    Where I explain what I've been up to.

  • More methods, more problems

    14th November 2013

    An explanation as to why I don't like more than one public method per class.

  • Sans framework generation

    28th September 2013

    That's right. It's time to leave your frameworks behind you.

  • IDV

    27th September 2013

    Introducing the Interaction, Data and View design pattern.

  • Interaction

    26th September 2013

    Some thoughts on application interaction. This is your application logic and controllers.

  • Data

    25th September 2013

    Some thoughts on the data triad. That is mappers, models and actions.

  • View

    24th September 2013

    Some thoughts on the view triad. That is templates, models and template engines.

  • Hashes for Data

    23rd September 2013

    This is my take on using hashes to transfer data between behaviour. You might know hashes as maps or associative arrays.

  • Data and Behaviour

    22nd September 2013

    This is my take on data and behaviour. The two intertwinning components that make our programs.

  • Taking SRP further

    21st September 2013

    This is my take on the single responsibility principle and how we can take it further.

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