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Exploring teams & technology

Technology is consuming every aspect of society and yet in a rapidly changing landscape we struggle to keep up. Organisations are left with a decision: innovate or be disrupted.

I've spent the last 15 years building software and technology teams and this website represents some of what I have learned so far. Here you will find a collection of articles about software, people and everything inbetween.

My team guide to software development

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Recent articles

  • Defining your ways of working

    28th May 2020

    On defining your ways of working: turning ideas into value, deciding how to work together, nurturing a feedback culture and adapting your process to meet changing needs.

  • Every team helps to develop software

    10th May 2020

    On how truly digital organisations include every team in their software development process. Technology is no longer just an IT affair.

  • What is a software development team?

    6th May 2020

    On software development teams: how to form one, what good looks like and how to set them up for success.

  • Digital social distancing

    2nd April 2020

    On the irony that social distancing has brought us all together more frequently. I think I'm going to need to create some digital social distancing for myself too.

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