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A team guide to Software Development

This guide is for new and established software development teams working in organistions that understand software isn't just a necessity – it's the mechanism by which they will achieve their mission and purpose.

Software is the pervasive technology of the 21st century. As the private, public and third sectors adapt their operating models to have software at both the forefront and foundation of their services, they have to transform into internet-era organisations.

At the core of these organisations are the teams who produce the software that drives their success. These teams must adapt to ever-changing market and environmental conditions. They aren't part of a production line working in widget factories – they are problem solvers and innovators and need to be empowered as such.

In this guide you will find: articles on what a successful team looks like, how to set one up for success, technical advice for evolutionary architectures, team practices and importantly how to have fun while delivering working software.

The guide is a work in progress, with new content released weekly. You can sign up for updates by email below. Enjoy and good luck out there!


The software development team

Learn about software development teams, from what good looks like and how to set one up, to how they interact with their organisations.

Ways of working to deliver value

Learn how software development teams work effectively together. From agile delivery practices, to focusing on problems rather than solutions.

Lean software delivery

Learn how to use lean software delivery practices to reduce risk of change, reduce wasted effort and increase your team's learning opportunities.

  • 🚧 Delivering in slices
  • 🚧 Decoupling deploy from release

Architecting for change

Learn how to architect digital services and platforms that enable teams to deliver value at a rapid pace in a sustainable way.

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