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About the Author

I'm CTO at Made Tech where we help organisations transform into high performance software teams, through agile software delivery and on-site training.

I champion modern software engineering practices. I help transform private and public sector organisation's digital and technology delivery from the ground up. Whether it's coaching software teams or defining technology strategy my passion is big impact change.

I've been a software engineer for 15 years, developing critical infrastructure for government departments, building global e-commerce platforms, and helping organisations create strong engineering cultures.

Though I'm not coding day-to-day I'm very much coding in my spare time having recently been building open source deployment tools for Kubernetes in Golang as well as experimenting with Clean Architecture in Ruby on Rails applications.

I'm a generalist software engineer at heart. I practice and preach agile, encourage XP/CI/CD/TDD/BDD, architect things like APIs and delivery piplines, reorganise archaic code bases and generally bring order to the universe.

I acknowledge the universe is intersectional and do my best to share and uncover information from all walks of life, mostly via Twitter. Basically I do my utmost to be a good human and be kind to the world and me.


Brought up with tech and of the internet generation I think it's only fair to give you some highlights. Here is a stripped down timeline of my life in tech:

  • Dad annoyed me by constantly recording me with his Camcorder.
  • I became master of VHS.
  • Dad bought a DVD player from America, no one knew what I was going on about a school.
  • First family computer in 1996. Highlights include using Corel Draw to create make-believe business cards for Lork Meutron.
  • Mafia MMORPG games introduce me to the idea I might like to make a game too.
  • Started learning HTML at 13. Even before I started I realised what a piece of crap Frontpage was and used Dreamweaver instead.
  • After learning HTML wasn't powerful enough to make a click based role playing game I settled for making static sites for fun.
  • At 15 I bought and started learning PHP to make my own WordPress templates for my first blog.
  • Started becoming really tetchy about non-standards compliant websites.
  • Bought a book on PHP, MySQL and Apache. I was finally going to make my game.
  • Didn't make a game. Didn't stay on at school. Didn't get a job.
  • Did write a lot of unreleased and unrealised code.
  • Went to work for my uncle sacking potatoes.
  • Got tired of sacking potatoes and went back to college. Also got an IT support job at Freeola.
  • Started emailing various departments of Freeola telling them to stop using tables and to start using divs.
  • Got moved into web content department to start fixing said issues.
  • Tried out as a programmer for 3 months after complaining about messy PHP templates.
  • Got hired. Wrote a web mail client. Rebuilt several core infrastructure systems such as Support Ticketing, Timesheets, Knowledge Base.
  • Tried leaving. Got my own office. Eventually left.
  • I worked for a startup, Gignite where I made some very good friends, some of whom I'm still working with today.
  • Present day, and working at Made Tech.